Foals milk and black spiders

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Oh, I hope you can hear me. All those billion miles away! You stay. Cause I love you dearly. Cause I've been around two times and found that you're the only thing I need! Cause I've been around two times and found that you're my only friend indeed! Green, broken glass ocean. You break me, slow motion. No map; no message.

It's the deep, blue screen I know. But I know you're still with me, You; my compass and my sea. Add your thoughts 8 Comments. No Replies Log in to reply. There was an error. My Interpretation This song is basically based on someone that never leaves you and always loves you no matter where, what, and who you are.

Otherwise Yannis wouldn't be saying 'I know you're still with me'. Yannis says he guides him trough his life and means a lot to him in the verse ' You; my compass and my sea'. Yannis also indicates that he is far, far away, so if you chew the words: But although unreachable, he is still loyal to Yannis whatever happens. This is; personally, one of my favorite lines in any lyrics I know. Yannis is saying although he knows he loves him and wants what's good for him, he decided to do the contrary of what he said.

On a personal note, I believe that happiness can't be found in this world. You can go wherever you like, but you won't find it. Temporary happiness? That pursuit for happiness? Not in this world. Drugs, sex, drunkenness, you name them, but you can't find that permanent state of happiness.

And so he returns because he knows he did wrong, he betrayed him, and know he's the only thing he really needs. The repetition of "Cause I've been around two times and found that you're the only thing I need! It also represents that Yannis is sure that he is the only thing that he needs, and the only one which truly loves him. Yet, the verse "You; my compass and my sea. To sum it up, in my interpretation, there is no other way than this song being spoken about God, with a lot indicating to that.

Who hears you from billion miles away? Moreover, who lives billion miles away? How does he say "I know you're still with me" then says "I love you dearly all those million miles away. As I said before, from my experiences, I have met a lot of people trying to find happiness in this world, but they all turned to somebody else bigger than them.

This is my interpretation, and I felt it would be unnecessary of me not to share it with others. I won't say what Yannis meant because I don't know.


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